Our security’s services are available 24/7 for all type of businesses and occasions.  Our employees are all oriented professionals, from technicians,Guards, supervisors are fully uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools to get job done right. Our guards are well trained in security policy and procedures.

We provide a wide range of tailored security services. As well as our most important security offerings listed here, our clients rely on bespoke security solutions that range from state-of-the-art access control to VIP protection, from discreet covert surveillance to a comprehensive security review.


Our Basis Terms of Services
All of our security systems can be purchased to be fitted, installed permanently or on a rental basis (ideal for security systems services). Our rented systems can be provided from 6 months onwards and rental is 100% tax deductible monthly. The client will pay for the installations only and monthly rental charges as per contract. In addition to the monitoring of the property the system offers a 24/7 recording or monitoring facility live and recorded incidents or an integral DVD burner or USB flash stick port for CCTV systems

Un-armed & Armed Guard 24/7

Our Un-armed & Armed Guardare closely supervised and ably supported by their Team Leaders and Managers. Together, they have the kind of local knowledge and on-site training that will keep them a step ahead, whatever the threat. They also have the back-up of Patrol team, supporting Static Officers and Mobile Patrols in the field, keeping check on lone Workers in isolated and often demanding workplaces – indoors and out. Ready for the unexpected, they’re also just a phone call away from our most senior managers, ready to handle any crisis.

Dog Guard 24/7

Our dogs are well trained and highly obedient; we provide dog services to further dissuade thieves and intruders from attempting to enter your premises. Our dogs are partnered with experienced handlers to patrol your site routinely. Like any 24 Security (T) Limited resource, our dogs are subject to a strict and extensive training regime that is regularly refreshed and updated. This ensures that every dog behaves predictably when handled correctly, and reacts in accordance with developing situations. Should an intruder breach your usual security parameters and our dogs is proven to act appropriately and with restraint in an attempt to raise the alarm and stop the trespasser.


Mobile Patrol/Assets & Cash Transit

Our Security patrol services allow businesses of all sizes to cost effectively establish a security presence at their property(s). Whether the patrol officer is responding to alarm activation at your building or providing a patrol service, our advanced technology allows us to provide our clients with a cost effective yet detailed security solution. Upon their arrival, our specially trained patrol officers access your location to review required procedures. Once the instructions have been reviewed, the officer proceeds to inspect your property and record incident to reporting in real-time. We also provide safely transports mission critical equipment through medium and high-risk areas around Tanzania and out boundaries.


Bodyguard/Bouncer/VIP Protection

We offer Bodyguard, Bouncer and VIP client’s protections for celebrities etc. We understand that there is a great need to protect your assets and yourself. We understand, you have a great to need to work and live without having to worry about yourself. That is why we have created a plethora of services that are available to protect you.




Private Security & Investigator

The goal in providing a Security Assessment for your corporation is to establish an independent inspection and assessment to determine the effectiveness of your safeguards and security policies and procedures, including the implementation across the company. Electronic security is absolutely crucial to keeping your data, property and people safe from unwanted intruders. But how much money should you invest in security technologies? What types of technology should you purchase? Which business assets require the most stringent security measures?

Security Alarms & Access Control

Intruder alarms are not only the number one solution of preventing attacks on your property but also means of protecting your possessions and the occupants too. Our Suppliers offer security alarm systems that ensure that all system solutions are simple, user-friendly, and effective and trouble free to protect your business, your home and your close ones.



CCTV Surveillance System

24 Security (T) limited has its own dedicated technical teams which do not sub-contract to other company. Our technicians specialize in the installation of CCTV, barriers and bollards, roller shutters, access control, biometrics, Door scanners, alarm systems, electrical gates and fence, tracking Systems etc.  We also have our own dedicated monitoring station and response units. In fact we offer the full package. In the event of activation by the sensors CCTV images are streamed to our monitoring station (control Room) where our staff can monitor live images of your site. If an intruder is detected a site-specific verbal warning can be transmitted through the siren. This is usually enough to deter any trespasser. We can also direct a response teams to the site and, if the circumstances warrant it, the emergency services can be alerted.


Fire Suppression & Smoke Detection Alarms

This sophisticated smoke and heat detector enables our trained professionals to notify the fire department of a possible fire at your home, whether you’re there or not. For added protection during an emergency, the system calls out “fire” or “intruder” when the alarm is sounded. 24 Security (T) limited has years of experience with fire detection systems. The service technicians can support you with all common brands of detection systems, both for maintenance and for complete system conversions.





Electric Fencing & Automatic Gates

24 Security (T) Limited has a team of experienced technicians that can enhance you fencing security by securing it with electric wire all round your compound to stop any intruder from jumping into your property. Furthermore Electronic gates are a perfect solution for your property should you not require a static guard to control access to your compound instead use a remote control to allow access from inside your compound or as you approach the gate from outside.



Fleet Management Systems

At 24 Security (T) Limited, you will get either installations or tracking systems for Real-time monitor vehicles position and history record play back or  remote monitor the car's status: listen voice, take photo, check vehicle inner temperature, fuel level, tyre level.
Urgency, over speed, power supply break, Geo-fence, stolen alarm, navigation voice and message communication between driver and control centre.



Security Consultancy and Survey.

We have a good team, all of whom are experts in all aspects of the industry and cover a wide range of security equipment and products. Together, we can assess and advise on security measures that could be implemented at your home or business, to ensure the safety of your family and assets.


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